Cézanne, a giant in Chicago

Cézanne, a giant in Chicago

Cézanne, a giant in Chicago Paul Cezanne — Paul-Cezanne — The Sea at LEstaque behind the Trees — 1878–79Paul Cezanne — Still Life with Apples — 1893–94 From 15 May to 5 September 2022, the Art Institute of Chicago presents a major retrospective of the work of Paul Cézanne, the so-called “father of modern painting”. Images: Paul Cezanne, “The Sea at L’Estaque behind the Trees”, 1878–79. Musée Picasso, Paris ·· “Still Life with Apples”, 1893–94. J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles The career and work of Paul Cézanne (1839–1906), the father of modern painting, has been the subject of countless studies, analyses and exhibitions. As a result, any new exhibition on his figure faces the colossal challenge of doing justice to his legacy, accepting the obligation to reflect all the ways in which Cézanne helped to create the 20th century avant-garde. The retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago, planned in collaboration with the Tate Modern in London, includes 90 oil paintings, 40 watercolours and drawings, and two complete sketchbooks, and ranges from the allegorical paintings created early in his career, through his celebrated still lifes, his landscapes (including the views of the Montagne Sainte Victoire, a series whose evolution is a four-dimensional ultrasound of the gestation of Cubism), his portraits and his “bathers”. According to the Art Institute of Chicago, “this extraordinary breadth of works comes together with state-of-the-art technical analysis of the artist’s palette, compositional construction, and mark making, deepening our understanding of how Cezanne conceived and developed his famously deliberate and nonlinear process. The exhibition also illuminates the pioneering trail Cezanne set for successive generations of artists. Through these complementary perspectives — of art historians, practicing artists, and conservators — this once-in-a-generation exhibition reframes Cezanne, a giant of art history, for our own time.” The Art Institute of Chicago states hat this is the first major retrospective of Paul Cézanne’s work in the United States in more than 25 years -although the Philadelphia Museum of Art surveyed the artist’s legacy in 2009 in the exhibition “Cézanne and Beyond”- as well as the first retrospective of the artist in Chicago in more than 70 years. #2022 #PaulCézanne #theartwolf


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