130 galleries take part in Art Basel Hong Kong

130 galleries take part in Art Basel Hong Kong

130 galleries take part in Art Basel Hong Kong

Joan Miro — Le coeur flamboyant chasse la nuit — 1965Svay Sareth — The Heart Healer — -2018

The 2022 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, which will take place on 28–29 May, features 130 galleries from 28 different countries.

Source: Art Basel · Images: Joan Miró, “Le coeur flamboyant chasse la nuit”, 1965. Mayoral © Courtesy Mayoral ·· Svay Sareth, “The Heart Healer”, 2018. Richard Koh Fine Art © Courtesy of the artist and Richard Koh Fine Art

After its first edition in 2013 (actually continuing the work done by its predecessor, ArtHK), Art Basel Hong Kong has managed to consolidate itself as one of the benchmark fairs in the emerging Asian art market, despite being far from the growth of other contemporary art fairs. As a reference, the last edition of ArtHK (2012) featured 180 galleries, compared to the 130 that will exhibit this year at Art Basel Hong Kong.

This year’s edition of Art Basel Hong Kong includes several site-specific projects. On the one hand, the Hong Kong artist Ellen Pau presents “The Shape of Light”, jointly commissioned by Art Basel and M+, a work that “explores the possibilities of the immaterial and the material, transforming light into digital objects”. In addition, local artists Cherie Cheuk Ka-wai, Stephen Wong Chun-hei and Shum Kwan-yi will project their works on the exterior of Hong Kong trams as part of the “Artist Tram Project”.

In its press release, the fair reports that it will also feature “six large-scale installations (…), including free-formed work by Hsu Yunghsu, which bonds the unrestrained nature of body and spirit, presented by Liang Gallery; ‘Birth of Black Holes, Birth of Geology, Birth of Water’ by Beijing based artist Bingyi (…) showcased by Ink Studio; and Hanart TZ Gallery’s presentation of a 40-channel speaker system installation sounding the heartbeat of artist GayBird. Flowers Gallery will present a work by Movana Chen on the transformation of media consumption and the daily experience, while Alisan Fine Arts will show Angel Hui Hoi Kiu’s work reminiscent of Hong Kong’s Goldfish Street, as well as New York-based artist Ming Fay’s ‘Garden of Life,’ linking eastern and western philosophies through the theme of life and death.”

Moreover, as in other editions of Art Basel, most of the works are included in the “Galleries” section, in which established galleries such as Marlborough, Richard Koh Fine Art or Mayoral are present. The latter, for example, exhibits Joan Miró’s “Le coeur flamboyant chasse la nuit” (1965), a work already included in the Fine Arts Paris fair held six months ago. #2022 #ArtBasel #ArtMarket #theartwolf


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